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This morning we woke up with a big challenge: try a project that if still tender, started with a huge twist of energy during the first Startup Weekend Granada. Of course, sorrounded by a great human team, as we like. Today it is called ProMeet and begins to walk his first steps.

ProMeet was born with one goal: to solve real business needs through training in the pitch and generating meaningful learning differently.

Enric Segura and me love training and we like to scan the entire scannable methodologies, so we wonder how many times have you done a course and has been for nothing? Our list is quite long so we do not know yours. However, in our comings and goings we always remember the same: what has made us truly learnt were the close experiences with professionals with whom we have worked.

ProMeet is a proposal in progress, but we have already found professionals who want to accept the challenge: to open the doors of their companies and show their ‘know how’ to people who want to solve problems. All these interacting and learning in a real environment. We want to help breaking the wall between the training and experience! Between the academics and the profession so we can start working at the same ground.

Now then, as we like to know what we are talking about, we decided to try it first. And here we are, in Innova Experience‘s office, master of web development, online marketing and our partner in this project. Trying to solve the doubts that stop us to move in the publication of this site you have opened in your browser.

So if you are reading this post, yes, it works.

Anabel Titos

|Titulada en Empresariales y postgraduada en Pedagogía. Especialista en Orientación Laboral. Ha trabajado en programas de apoyo a emprendedores, en Comunicación y Marketing y como docente de Iniciativa Emprendedora en el CENTRO DE ATENCIÓN SOCIAL AVERROES. Diseñadora de programas de formación experiencial y acompañamiento de personas en sus objetivos profesionales.|Degree in Business, Advertising & Public Relations. MA in Education, specialist in Vocational Guidance. She has worked on several entrepreneurs supporting programs, as a teacher of Entrepreneurship in AVERROES SOCIAL CARE CENTER and communication and marketing in different companies. Designing real-life training experiences and helping people to achieve career excellence.| Read More



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