Like many other professionals eager to share knowledge and join forces, we are part of a collaborative workspace, also called “coworking”.

It is clear that in recent years there has been a boom of such common workplace, growing at a rapid pace throughout the territory, and forming part of the heart of our cities and neighborhoods.

There is no need for this article I comment on the reason for their excessive proliferation parallel to the rise of the movement “CO”, even if we would like to raise some reflections on these original containers and dynamic talent that they are generated.

From PRACMATIC, we assume that a “coworking” is a diamond in the rough. And although many professionals and entrepreneurs have no hesitation adding the bandwagon of “CO”, which took a while know that running is no easy task co-mpartir a space, let alone co​​-work in it. The issue has a crumb.

Certainly not enough four walls that we meet every day at our desks and, in some strange way, we also separated from the street, the place where things happen normally … Do not believe that sufficient predisposition or assemblies in the office, or shared mailboxes or the wall profiles. None of that is not enough if the aim is to generate, in its broadest sense, business relations, seeking professional sustainability.

When we play business, have to be careful with the “CO”, because anything goes and not everyone goes. The confusions and bad practices in these spaces are the order of the day (just ask the managers of spaces). The lack of information, hidden agendas, the perpetuation of projects, excessive momentum and the difficulty of dealing with the enormous tasks that demand large group around.

Therefore, based on our experience, we believe it is essential that these spaces have a system dynamics container, beyond the brick, the wood and good intentions.

Manage limits working in complex systems is no easy task and requires serenity and experience. A fundamental role, from our experience, it can be assumed by the managers, logically occupied in make the space profitable and attending to the daily demands of its users.

The talent entrepreneur needs talent container. The great potential of collaborative work, the desire, wealth profiles, the flow between the inside and the outside is waiting to be addressed.

We can not forget the value of intermediation with these invisible elements that spoke Ixi García (Funky Projects) in the day from an “Emprender desde la Innovación“, present in our work environment and constantly influencing us. We can not lose this golden opportunity to turn our space into much more than a shared office or business center to use.


From PRACMATIC think meet and accommodate those intangible elements (means investing resources into it, and you invest in tables and chairs) establish the conditions necessary for the CO to develop to their full potential, turning the rough diamond into a gemstone and providing a collective value hardly repeatable.

Nothing new. All done.

Suggested intervention: before you start work on any project, meet for 1h with all stakeholders. Group work with the aim of making lists of interests (economic, educational, property, short, long term, etc. ..) for each of these, as well as those who are or could be incorporated in the near future. Put on the table the lists and share interests.

Enric Segura

|Licenciado en Psicología y Máster en Psicoterapia Analítica. Ha trabajado como consultor de equipos profesionales en programas de team building y role playing (Dreams&Adventures) y ha sido impulsor de los proyectos El Ahora, Rock&Dream y The Basket Kingdom, entre otros. Actualmente es director de Pracmatic, estudiando y aplicando modelos de negocio basados en la vocación y facilitando la innovación profesional de personas y organizaciones.|BA in Psychology and MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. He has worked as a consultant through corporate team building and role playing programs (D&A) and has been driving the projects El Ahora, Rock&Dream & The Basket Kingdom, ​​among others. Founder & Director of Pracmatic. Currently applying purpose based business models and driving innovation in organizations and individuals.| Read More




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