Gran Hub It is a community that brings together people and projects torque boost transformer ecosystem from Malaga. An ambitious initiative that gets the spirit of the ancient Farm-model of San Pedro Alcántara (Costa del Sol), where there was a particular agricultural innovation project with the most advanced technology in the second half of the nineteenth century.


Through a period of restructuring, Gran Hub team asks for help to broaden the perspective of a conflict suffered recently looking for the continuity of their community and ecosystem preservation generated to date.



Pracmatic designs a customized solution that proposes to clarify the causes of the problem from a systems approach, providing output in the transition process towards the desired vision. To do this, assemble a board game conveyed through metaphorical reference elements to the farm where participants can easily deconstruct the problematic situation.



After analyzing the different perspectives on the conflict, contrasted Ideas decreasing judgment on them and re-build a shared situation, generating new prospects for action that allow the group to deal with change in a more firmly, clarifying the way the desired view.



More pictures courtesy of Gran Hub:

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vlcsnap-2014-10-26-00h41m05s155 CREATIVE MEDIA - Often the results of a scientific project struggles to step outside the limits of the laboratory. That prevents the impact of the discovery in society and put down the return on investment. In our collaboration with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, we
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