bhjbecdeLast week we attended to the workshop “Personality and profession: a common approach to the genius within us” taught by Manuel Adán  in Cocorocó, a coworking space in the centre of Granada.

After dealing a few times with Manuel and perceiving in the way he express a flashing character, I thought it might be a good opportunity to get in touch with his activity. I was also really interested in know about how that group methodology approach called Socrates Cafe works. The goal was, no more no less, to shed light on a subject as complex as studied as the personality and its link with work (they had already cast while Jung, Hillman, Rogers and Skinner, among others)


It was a swap space, a mixture of guided discussion and a group dynamics where we had the opportunity to share a lot of matters about the personality.

It’s not my concern to assess if the workshop achieve the objectives for which it was designed. But the excitement left for each of us involved in the experience for sure  added more useful information to our development process.

In my experience, concepts and logical abstractions of reality, complex definitions and specially the psychic realidaddes can be apprehended only through action. And when I say action I mean understand them while they are showing up in each of us. The experiential account of the theoretical and practical.

At the end the word toke the control and I went home with the taste of having shared a pleasant evening and have known a little inner world of my fellow co-working.

I leave here some reflections in the form of questions that came to my mind during the course of the workshop, if anyone wants to give it a spin:

– Do we have only one personality?

– Are we showing our true personality here and now?

– What personality is expressing above or below the rest?

– Is normality a fiction?

– Does categorization difficult us to explore other possibilities?

– How the character relates with practitioners of non helpful jobs (burglars, for example)?

Note: The image referes to a book by James Hillman (prestigious American psychoanalyst) published in 1997 and titled “The Soul’s Code”. In my opinion, a document which inspired most of the authors and contemporary theories of personality and vocation.

Enric Segura

|Licenciado en Psicología y Máster en Psicoterapia Analítica. Ha trabajado como consultor de equipos profesionales en programas de team building y role playing (Dreams&Adventures) y ha sido impulsor de los proyectos El Ahora, Rock&Dream y The Basket Kingdom, entre otros. Actualmente es director de Pracmatic, estudiando y aplicando modelos de negocio basados en la vocación y facilitando la innovación profesional de personas y organizaciones.|BA in Psychology and MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. He has worked as a consultant through corporate team building and role playing programs (D&A) and has been driving the projects El Ahora, Rock&Dream & The Basket Kingdom, ​​among others. Founder & Director of Pracmatic. Currently applying purpose based business models and driving innovation in organizations and individuals.| Read More



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