Cocorocó is a co-working space in the heart of Granada (Spain). In the context of an open innovation project we design and apply a radical action to engage local community and stakeholders.


Sinergias 14

It’s the first time such a program is featured in town. A calling event bringing together people from different backgrounds and sectors with the aim of boosting a social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Granada.

The experiment involves both entrepreneurs and facilitators as well as other representatives from local scene (businesses, institutions, external consultants, co-working space’s managers…) Some of them are: ColbrainSostenibilidad a MedidaPracmaticMiga CulturaMotion LookSergio CoachArqweb & Cocorocó.




We want to play with the concept of synergy as a driven element of the dynamics. To this end, we provide the proper organizational conditions that allow participants to better understand a collaborative process linked to a physical zone.

The activity is run in 3 blocks or phases where participants are working on different teams. Each group must build their own workspace using just a few keys & tools given. After an intensive human interaction they open the space’s doors to the community and see what happens. After this, we all together analyze how to create the proper intern and external conditions according to individual and collective needs.


Participants are empowered to think and make from a different point of view. Through human dynamics we’ve set up collectively a working place where people is invited to discover the essence of synergies and learn how to manage them through a range of changing personalities and situations. At the same time they can experience relationship between physical spaces and human interactions. This is one of main connectors for sense of community belonging. In spite of participants’ diversity of backgrounds they are able to adapt to contexts while applying new ways of organization.  They also establish more powerful working relationships by sharing a task and a common objective, enhancing personal and professional transparency.

Moreover, working places’s managers become aware of some hidden needs none previously noticed by their community, inspiring new design solutions for the space. After a few days, they also notice a change in the involvement of co-workers that participated in the activity. They started recommend each other profiles to other co-workers and clients, providing new real business opportunities.



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