After an incubation time of concepts like ‘community’ and ‘open’, we feel the need to share Hub Granada with real entrepreneurs like us.

We believe that a community can’t be built itself by chance, but has to be discovered and shared by those who will be its users. We need to proof that so we take our idea, our tools and propose a group dynamics to see what happens.

The scenario is Yuzz Granada, a entrepreneurship space where we are all colleagues sharing the same level of concern of ‘wanting to do’ and the ‘need of …’.

For an hour and a half, Hub Granada was filing a bit more in the form of feedback from those who participated in the dynamics. That’s how Alberto, Dani, Emilio, Pablo and Rafa, in alphabetical order, not by importance of contribution, coded in terms of needs and utilities their projects, resulting in a community that if sporadic, drew in its nascent links and outcomes.

It was very interesting to observe ‘how we did’ and now our goal is to explore ‘how far we can do’, if the continuity of the community could have real impact in everyone projects. Thank you very much for the present, for your responsiveness and interaction, it was an authentically great day;)

Anabel Titos

|Titulada en Empresariales y postgraduada en Pedagogía. Especialista en Orientación Laboral. Ha trabajado en programas de apoyo a emprendedores, en Comunicación y Marketing y como docente de Iniciativa Emprendedora en el CENTRO DE ATENCIÓN SOCIAL AVERROES. Diseñadora de programas de formación experiencial y acompañamiento de personas en sus objetivos profesionales.|Degree in Business, Advertising & Public Relations. MA in Education, specialist in Vocational Guidance. She has worked on several entrepreneurs supporting programs, as a teacher of Entrepreneurship in AVERROES SOCIAL CARE CENTER and communication and marketing in different companies. Designing real-life training experiences and helping people to achieve career excellence.| Read More



Hub Granada crece HUB GRANADA GROWS - August understans about ships. Rested while sailing and deepened toward the center of our organizations. At 40 it seems things cook better . We were going to the beach,we brought the taper ! . Working in front of coworking ,

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